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Congratulations Tyler French, Jason Stallkamp, Tyler Wakefield, & Krista Woo for winning the highest award - “Best In Show” at the state-wide Oregon Game Project Challenge. They’ve been invited to demo their game alongside industry professionals at Indie Game Con 2016 in Eugene!

I teach computer science, web design and engineering courses.  I have a great job and get to work with amazing students and teachers. 

On this site, you'll find information about each of my classes. Just click on your class name in the navigation bar.  You'll find a class blog describing what we do every day in class, lessons, calendars, and announcements.  If you're absent no need to worry.   Just check your class page.

If there is something you'd like to add the this website, let me know.  

I look forward to meeting you this year!  

Google Apps and Synergy Student Login Has Changed This Year!
  • Student’s accounts remain the same (graduation year + last name + first initial = 18smithr).
  • Student passwords for all resources will be: first name initial (CAPS) + student ID + last name initial (lowercase).
    • EXAMPLE: For Robert Smith, current 8th grader, student ID = 123456Account = 18smithr (email: 18smithr@ttsdstudents.org) Password = R123456s 

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Why learn this stuff?

John Green is a blogger, author, and educational video designer. He created this "Open Letter To Students Returning to School" video.  I really enjoyed it and hope you do too.  

For Davis and Ian. Thanks for the infinity discussion!   Here is more to continue the conversation!

Zeno's Paradox