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March 30

posted Mar 30, 2016, 12:38 AM by Jill HUBBARD
  • Today  - Sub
  • Before winter break, we were working an assignment #4
  • Today - complete the following
    • Implement the Add_Info(char more_info[], int month, int year);
      member function of the activity class. This function should add additional information to the objects description and date member data.  After adding the information, call the display(); function it to make sure it works. You can choose to write and read this information to a file but that is not required
    • Implement the Display(char season[]); member function. Notice this function is overloaded which means if you call the Display(); function without an argument it will display all of the activity’s information. If you call the Display_all (char season[]); function with an argument, it will only display the information if the season/argument matches
    • Once you have that working, create class adventure.  Notice its private data should be a a dynamically allocated array of activities, an integer to keep a count of the number of activities, and an integer for the size of the array created.
    • Now implement the adventure constructor and destructor. What should they do?
    • Now implement the New_Activity(); member function. It should add an activity to the array of activtiies.
    • Now implement the Display_all();function and test it
    • Now implement the Display_all (char season[]); overloaded function and test it
OPPORTUNITIES (on Twitter @jillhubbard)
  • NW Advanced Programming Workshop -
Independent Study
  • Check-in 
  • Chris F - done
  • Ian & Sam (after break)
Homework-College Credit
  • College Credit - Finish Assignment 4
  • Suggested Videos:   Watch Topic 4 Videos.  Watch all parts (1-4). 
  • Suggested Reading: C++ programming from problem analysis to program design [5th edition] Chapter 14 (pointers) and Chapter 18 (linked lists). The book is in the classroom dropbox folder -> computer science assignments -> book -> CS162 BOOK