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Try Me Programs

Do Your sensors and motors work?  How do you know?  Let's use the try me programs to test them!

Test you motors:
Try-Motor:  Connect a motor to output port A of the NXT brick. Now turn the motor with your hand and listen

Test your light sensor: 
Try- Light:  Connect your light sensor to input port 3. Put your light sensor over the colors red, yellow, and green. What happens?

Test Your Touch Sensor:
Try-Touch:  Connect your touch sensor to input port 1. Press the button on your touch sensor and look at the display.. What happens?

Test Your Ultrasonic Sensor:
Try-Ultrasonic:   Connect your ultrasonic sensor to input port 4. Place your hand in front of the ultrasoniuc sensor. Move it close and further away from the sensor.  What happens?

Test Your Sound Sensor:
Try-Sound:   Connect a motor to output port C.  Connect your sound sensor to input port 2. Speak softly and loudly into the sound sensor.  What happens?

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