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Programming Challenges Using The Taskbot

Now let's use the NXT Software.  You'll write the code on your computer and download it onto your NXT.

Try these challenges:

Challenge 1:  Your robot can sense objects in its way!  But, depending on your programming skills, you might bump into things or run over something!  Make your robot stop when it sees an obstacles and sound an alarm. Then it should back up and turn a bit so it can proceed forward with out hitting anything. Hit the obstacle and turn over your driver's license to the robo police!


Challenge 2:  Your robot can see colors!  But, depending on your programming skills, it might be color blind! Make your robot say RED when it detects a red line and then stop. In the same program, make it say GREEN when it detects a green line and move forward at full power. In the same program, make it say YELLOW when it detects a yellow line and go forward at half power.  Even robots must follow the laws of the road!  How will your robot know the difference between the three colors?


Challenge 3: Drive your car around the room using 2 push buttons (connect the push buttons to the NXT using your longest cables).   When you hold down the left push button, your car turns left.  When you hold down the right push button your car turns right. When neither button is pressed, your car moves straight ahead.  Bad drivers loose points!



Level 1:  Shooter Bot.  Use Instructions from the Lego NXT software to build and program the Shooter bot.

Level 2:  Alligator Bot:  Use Instructions from the Lego NXT software to build and program the Alligator bot.

Level 3:  Can Challenge - Advanced

You have been hired by Factories R Us.  Apparently, the factory workers do not clean up after themselves and leave empty cans all over the factory floor at the end of the day. What pigs! Your job is to build a robot to clear empty cans off their factories floor as quickly as possible.  You can add on to your current car or start from scratch and build a new one.  Take care to ensure your robot does not leave the factories work area which is a giant circle.   If it leaves the circle, it will be promptly destroyed. You have 3 minutes to destroy all cans left on the factory floor. Can you do it?

Constraints: SIZE: 22 cm width
                            30 cm length 
                            22 cm height

                    TIME:  180 seconds

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