October 17

posted Oct 17, 2014, 12:16 AM by Jill HUBBARD
In class
  • Today:
    • Students not finished with assignments and guided labs 1-4
      • Use today to complete all assignments and guided labs
    • College credit students: Complete Chapter 2 book work. Make sure your document is in your shared folder
    • All other students - pair programming. We will submit this next class.
      • Step 1:  Partner with the person sitting next to you. Look at the programming assignments options below and pick one but make sure it's different than your partners.
      • Step 2:  Discuss the problems with each other and talk about how you would approach each one.  
        • What information would the user need to give?
        • Are there calculations involved?
        • What will the user interface (output) look like?
        • Is there anything you don't understand? What are some approaches in figuring it out?
      • Step 3: Write the algorithm for your program (steps listed as comments) 
      • Step 4: Write your well commented and well formatted code
      • Step 5: run and debug your code.
      • Step 6: Partner sharing. 
        • Show your partner your code and get their feedback on comments, format, readability, structure
        • Let your partner run your program and get feedback (did it work?, was the output readable and did it make sense, were their any bugs, does it work no matter what?)
  • Programming Assignment Options to Choose from
    1. Create a personality test program. Your program should ask the user questions about themselves and depending on their answers, tell them what their personality type is
    2. Write a program for your math or science class that performs different calculations based on what the users asks it to do. For example, maybe you're taking a Geometry class and learning about the surface area and volume of different 3D shapes.  Your program would ask the user the shape of the object and then ask them whether they'd like to know the surface area or volume of the object.
    3. Write a quiz program for your favorite class or topic.  Your program will ask the user questions and keep track of the number of correct and incorrect answers.  It will then give them a percentage score and a message. For example, the output could say:  "You scored 85% - Nice solid score. Care to try again?". Or, "You scored 62%. Let's review more and use the quiz again". 
    4. Write a health program that determines if the user balanced exercise and food intake for the day. Your program can tell the user if they consumed more or less calories than they expended. You'd have to ask them what they ate for each meal (perhaps give them food options to choose from). Use actual caloric values.  Then ask them what exercise they did that day giving the option for none.  Use actual values for calories burned for each activity.
    5. Come up with an idea for your own program but make sure it is on par with the options given - not too simple (it's fun to stretch your skills) or reasonable given what you know how to do today. Make sure you clearly define what the program does in the header. 
  • College Credit - Chapter 2 Due 10/21
  • Every day bring your notebook, usb drive with your name on it, and headphones