September 23

posted Sep 22, 2014, 10:13 PM by Jill HUBBARD
In class
  • College credit overview and paperwork - due 9/30
  • Today
    • Due Today:
      • Assignment #2 and (optionally) Challenge #2
      • Guided Lab #3: Using ASCII codes and making your program play .wav files.
      • Work on Assignment #3:  Mad Libs. Use string data type
    • Quiz 1 - on Thursday - BRING YOUR NOTES
      • Quiz covers Lessons 1 & 2.
      • You get to use your notes if you bring them.
      • You'll be asked to write basic code and answer questions
  • College credit students: Chapter 1 book work after Assignment #3
  • College Credit Paperwork Due 9/30 (No exceptions)
üIf you are requesting a GPA waiver, a copy of your transcripts attached to the blue registration form.
üCompleted Blue Registration Form (both sides; signed)
üCheck to PSU for $230 or $50 if federal waiver
üIf requesting the Federal Free & Reduced lunch discount, a copy of the eligibility letter attached to the blue registration form.
  • Every day bring your notebook, usb drive with your name on it, and headphones