Sep 13& 14

posted Sep 13, 2012, 11:21 AM by Jill HUBBARD
  • Check systems
  • Sally Hudson from PSU will be here at the end of class to discuss PSU college credit
  • Lesson 2
    • Notes 
    • Lesson 2 Guided Lab 2:  Convert Inches To Millimeters
    • Lesson 2 Assignment 2:  Test and Quiz Averages
  • Due Today - Guided Lab #1:  Age program  (Project Name: LastName FirstName Guided Lab Age)
    • comment with header and algorithm
    • program
    • run & debug
  • Sue Today - Assignment # 1 - Year of Graduation
    • Assignment #1 - Year or Graduation Program (Project name:  LastName FirstName Assignment1 Age) 
    • Include a header, comments for you algorithm, and working code.
    • Check your debug folder to make sure your program is there
    • submit assignment
  • Done early?  Excellent job!  Try the challenge assignment (Project Name: LastName FirstName Challenge1 Birthdate)
  • If you did not get your financial form signed, don't forget. You can't use the computers without it signed. Lost it? Print it out now!
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  • Get supplies:  ear buds, usb drive, place to keep notes