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November 23

posted Nov 23, 2015, 12:30 PM by Jill HUBBARD
  • Programming with the joystick
    • Half Power
    • No Creeping Movement
    • Using Timers
  • Virtual worlds challenges
    • Complete and test the drive code with the Anti-Creep/Half Power code
      • Test to see if the code works in the Utility -> Huge Table
    • In the Virtual Worlds go to the Remote Control Tab
      • Bull in the Ring: Knocking out cans in < 10 sec
      • Minefield Challenge: Clearing the table of bad mines while not disturbing others
      • Robo Slalom I: Driving through a course.  A good time to practice refining remote to controller mapping to make driving more accurate
      • Round up: How many laps can you complete in one minute?  The code will need to stop you from driving!